CSKA Stadium

The team of the Kyiv Military District (garrison) played its matches at all times on the sports ground, which existed even before the revolution of 1917 near the Cadet Corps (in Soviet times - the headquarters of the Kyiv Military District (KMD), now - the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine).

Entrance to the KMD stadium in the first postwar years.


Reconstruction of the building in the 1960s

In the 1960s, a stadium of the Kyiv Military District (KMD) was built on Povitroflotsky Avenue on the site of the old sports ground, which was the home arena of the army until 2002.

   1970 .
The SKA Stadium hosted Spartakiad competitions in the 1970s.

In its more than 50-year history, the main army sports arena remembers many bright football battles. Competitions for the Ukrainian football championship were held on the emerald lawn of the once cozy stadium, the stadium hosted matches of the SKA team in the first and second Soviet leagues. At the time of Ukraine's independence, the CSKA football club played on it.

Unkaine - Armenia U-19, 1990th
1990s. Serhii Zakarlyuka (of CSKA) and Andriy Shevchenko (of "Dynamo") - players of the youth national team of Ukraine - leave the field side by side after the match against Armenia at the CSKA stadium in Kyiv.

Back in the early 2000s, when the stadium field was maintained in good condition, youth football teams played here, and Pavlo Yakovenko's youth team trained.

 Stadium CSKA Kiev
CSKA Stadium.


These days

CSKA Stadium is one of the few stadiums with a special atmosphere. Unfortunately, the glorious times of this building are long gone. Now this stadium continues to be called the stadium of the Central Sports Club of the Army, although it is in an abandoned state and Kyiv has not seen a single match here for a long time. 

Over time, the infrastructure of the sports complex (CSKA stadium is part of the CSK ZSU sports complex, where there are two spare football fields, swimming pool, athletics and games halls and gyms) became unsuitable for competitions, and the stadium, located near the central railway station, collapsed and no longer can host high level matches.


Reconstruction project

Back in the days of Yanukovych, the Defense Ministry prepared a project for the reconstruction of CSKA, but the implementation of plans did not come. In the last few years, talk of reviving the stadium has become more frequent. Unfortunately, it is unknown when and whether the reconstruction will start at all.

However, it is for sure that the reconstruction is long overdue. And today the Ukrainian army, whose prestige is constantly growing, deserves a modern sports complex with a football field, on which, incidentally, it will be able to earn later.

Approved by the Ministry of Defense the stadium reconstruction project.