Despite the destruction of the club, CSKA still has a significant asset of loyal fans. CSKA fans are the 12th player of the team, whether it is a match in Kyiv or in any remote city of Ukraine, whether it is a domestic championship game in the second league or a European Cup match.



Until 1995, CSKA (in Soviet times - SKA) played in the lower leagues of professional competitions and historically had the greatest popularity mainly among the military and residents of the Kiev districts adjacent to the club stadium. The first organized fan groups associated with the club began to form in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but were small.

cska kyiv fanscska kyiv fansBelgrad, 2001
CSKA fans in the 90s.

In the late 1990s - early 2000s, CSKA had a period of rapid growth - it performed well in the Premier League, twice reached the Ukrainian Cup final and played in European cups, which gave impetus to an increase in match attendance and popularity among football fans, and the geography and the number of fans of the capital club has expanded significantly.



In 2001, when, contrary to the position of the fans, due to the successful and rapidly gaining popularity of the CSKA football club, the Kyiv City Administration and the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine created the football club "Arsenal", re-formed in the first league CSKA came under an information and economic attack from the owners of the newly created club. In addition to a place in the Premier League of the Championship of Ukraine, CSKA lost the right to play at home stadium. However, the vast majority of fans of the army club remained loyal to the club with its native name and emblem, declaring a principled rejection of the artificially created "Arsenal", and continued to support the club, which was then in the lower league. 

Given the limited financial resources, CSKA was not able to find a permanent home arena, holding their home matches on the fields of the training base of FC "Dynamo" in Koncha Zaspa, in the village of Shchaslyve, then at the stadium in the village Borodianka 67 km from Kyiv. Unfortunately, under such conditions, CSKA lost a significant audience of regular visitors to their home matches.

CSKA fans set fire to and tore the Arsenal flag to pieces.

However, the most active fans of the team, despite everything, remained loyal to the club with the native name, making considerable efforts to visit home matches that CSKA was forced to play outside of Kiev, and organize support for away games. Even in the last years of existence of the professional club, for away matches in the second league of the Championship of Ukraine, fans regularly organized mass trips for 100-200 people.

    , 2009
CSKA fans.

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Demonstrations of CSKA fans in Kyiv.

The fan movement of the CSKA did not remain indifferent to the attempts to revive the team, the fans were visiting of a decent number of amateur competitions with the participation of CSKA in the Christian League Championship and the Makarov Cup.

CSKA support in amateur competitions.


These days

In 2021, the CSKA club was reorganized through the efforts of a group of private investors, a team was formed to participate in organized competitions. Veterans who played as part of the former professional club in the second league also joined the revival of the club. The management of the revived club announced the highest goals, the main task is to return CSKA to professional status, and the fans got the long-awaited opportunity to reunite around their favorite team, organizing loud support and performances on the stadiums.

CSKA fan sector at the opening match of the KSDFFC, CSKA Stadium, 2021.

Today, our fans take an active part in the club's management processes, providing both financial and organizational support, and are an integral part of the big CSKA Kyiv football family!

CSKA Kyiv fan sector at the KSRFF Championship match, 2021.